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Detailed product

Production license number: SC11135021200244 

product standard number: SB/T 10412 

name: xiamen king st. biological technology co., LTD. 

Address: xiamen tongan district of fujian province light industry the industrial food grain 199 three road 

contact way: 15259273330 

ingredients: BinLangYu, water, sugar storage 

methods: a cool and dry place at room temperature preservation 

shelf life: 548

food additives: no net 

content: 900 g 

packing: packing 

brand: holy king series: holy king 

commodity bar code: 695548920016

is for organic food: no

categories: canned vegetables 

origin: mainland China provinces: 

city of fujian province: xiamen 

package quantity: 3 doses package

cycle: 1 week

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